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0.jpg (546.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:42 upload c3e090f76faaea945dbfb57e0616c7e4.jpg (99.31 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2012-12-4 15:00 upload& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] a year ago, "rumor" has now become a reality. Adidas recently announced its shoe brand Rockport music step to sell $ 280 million to focus on expanding business shoes, Adidas CEO Herbert? Heiner (Herbert Hainer) said the sale of Rockport help reduce the complexity of the company's business, which will put the focus on the adidas, Reebok and TaylorMade these sports brand. According to public information, Rockport buyers for New Balance (New Balance) and private equity firms (PE) Berkshire Partners cooperative composed of the company. Last year in May there is news Adidas is seeking to sell Rockport brand, has hired Guggenheim Partners LLC of Rockport looking for private equity funds and other footwear brands and other potential buyers, said Rockport price of at least $ 300 million. Rockport, founded in 1971, was acquired by Adidas in 2006, it became a subsidiary of the adidas Group sub-brands. And the main brand adidas sport style different, Rockport men's and women's series between business and leisure, and the main technological factors, was acquired in 2006 after Adidas, Adidas sports science ADIPRENE unique insole is absorbed Rockport . Ac Retro jordans for sale cording to the official website shows Rockport, which has nearly 20 stores in the country more than a second-tier cities. Adidas was on the Beijing Daily reporter, said, "We do not do any speculation rumor." (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Four Seasons Bear shoes & nbsp; Blessed Footwear official website)Cameron Anthony used Flywire fly line technology for the first time in his seventh generation signature shoes Melo M7. He thought the technology was well handled, so he decided to try again. The eighth generation Melo M8 boots to be listed will continue to appear in the photo to see the fly line technology, the all black color M8 the use of patent leather, suede uppers and fly line three kinds of materials, and ensure a strong pursuit of light. Half sole visual Zoom air Air and Max Air followed by two ace shock technology combined, the collocation is very rare.from the High-end visvim autumn and winter this year, the latest brand shoes this new quick report, published by the visvim Beuys Trekker Reno boots, shoe design for the classical, the material is also used on the British high standard suede build, the features, is a folk style accessories and leather Beaded Ankle. The application of a muddy, echoing the brand's characteristics. visvim 2012 winter and winter high specification Suede Boots visvim 2012 winter and winter high specification Suede Boots visvim 2012 winter and foamposites for cheap winter high specification Suede Boots Recently, Nike launched their latest Halloween Nike Air Force 1 Mid children, ready to match colors. This with the grey crinkled leather color, toe and heel joined with a shiny black leather decorated. The laces, lining and NIKE brand logos all appear in bold orange, with the little blue lace buckle and heel midsole light up the shoes. More noteworthy is the green tongue tag around the vampire teeth pattern, so that everyone is convinced that this is the new halloween. It is expected to be fully available soon, so please look forward to it!Spike Lee upper foot Air Jordan 7 "Bad 25" personal fixed product 2013-12-08 22:32:01 famous director Spike Lee on foot Air Jordan 7, "Bad 25" appeared in Toronto Film Festival, Spike Lee this is keen on Air Jordan series of movie giant class figures, each time will Air Jordan shoes interpretation is very perfect. This pair of feet Air Jordan 7 "Bad 25" personal product shoes is more brilliant. This pair of Van from the hands of the Monroe Air Jordan 7 "Bad 25" is the biggest highlight of hand-painted two images of Michael Jackson head, with red and black white four-color vamp vamp collocation, printed with BAD album song. Michael Jackson's charm is self-evident, this unique Air Jordan 7 "Bad 25" was the strike a deep chord in memory of BAD this album was born on the occasion of 35th anniversary lights in our memory dance and singing resounded through the heart. add new me jordans for sale mber Blake · Under Armour 2013-12-08 22:32:41 from Griffin signed into the League of the day, Griffin with a dunk conquered all the people, and he has been at the foot of the shoe wearing Nike shoes, perhaps because by teammate De Ande Lu · the influence of Jordan, someone broke the news of Blake Griffin visited Under Armour office in Baltimore Twitter recently, that is to say, the beast players to sign Under Armour, although the official has not officially announced the news, but the signing of Griffin is almost a foregone conclusion, as a result, the new season's shoes market will not be "one-sided", let us looking forward to Griffin in the new season's boots., a Japanese fashion brand led by designer Keizo Needls, recently added a pair of Asymmetric shoes for the 2015 spring / summer series Shimuzu. This pair of "Ghillie/Indigo" colors are made of top grade suede material with a unique "Ghillie" shoelace system, which is dyed with indigo to show an old and asymmetrical visual effect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! God Beckham bromance destroyed three concept underwear parody movies! the main character in the popular MV is these shoes! What brand of Korean and European and American stars like it? What are the foster brand director of the school? Look at the trend of the great God's study, or work exp cheap foamposites erience, perhaps you can! By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! , pro! Supreme didn't even have you before, don't lie, okay?" Expensive T on a treasure is fake! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - NIKE AIR MAX 90 ANNIVERSARY cork cushion shoes mastermind doll +CD+ commemorative edition album embroidered elements reflect Philippine Dong and Adidas Originals latest joint program exposure dairy national wind, visvim launched MALISEET-FOLK shoes review on an article: Embroidered elements reflect Philippine Dong and Adidas Originals latest joint project exposure next article: Dairy national wind, visvim launched MALISEET-FOLK shoes designer brand Bernhard Willhelm and Spanish shoe brand Camper jointly launched hiking shoes. Full of innocence pondering style designer Bernhard Willhelm recently with the Spanish shoe tycoon Camper jointly launched a number of branded shoes, we brought them a more distinctive hiking shoes for everyone, the hiking shoe features a sawtooth shaped bottom, can play a very good damping effect and improve the comfort of sports there are classes, replacement in boots and bone like support housings, MIX multifunctional sports shoes from a structural point of view is somewhat similar to Lining before the release, the secret we are but more analysis, the color white, purplish blue and cream, gray, on foot after believe the effect will be more good. , [p jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black age], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, #e#, Kitsune, x, Quoddy, French, romantic, spring, summer, new visvim, 2011, spring and summer, national style comments on last article: Kitsune x Quoddy joint French romantic spring summer new next article: visvim 2011, spring and summer splicing national style new stylea week to grab a shoe to come to an end, the frustration is still the original frustration, but we will open up new areas will be. this week, we experienced SB Bruin KD7, Electric "Eel Nike", Mercurial Superfly CR7 Nike, Kobe 10 "Silk", Jordan XX9 Air, Jordan Air 4 "Laser" of China on sale. 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Android version after more than a week of testing, is becoming more and more perfect; grab shoes fail to return part of the rules of gold coins are also being developed. Both will be released in the near future, the implementation of this period of time, thanks to our support! when guest website ( new revision, focusing more prominent, especially the forum and the identification of two plates. forum is available to discuss, exchange, consultation area, there is a demand for the sale of friends can also be through the forum's free sale area and buy district news release. Follow the rules, actively speak, let us work together to create a real community sports equipment. is the most important area of the final identification, two senior appraiser professional fast objective appraisal services and auxiliary views of masses onlookers awesome will continue. In addition based on identification of Posts sellers archives and worth buy shoes recommended part, which Taobao sellers fly we don't know, but we know which sellers are genuine, which sellers sell fakes. Whether you have shoes need to be identified, or you want to express your opinion on the identification, are welcome to visit the customer identification.Nike Basketball recently announced the Kobe Bryant tribute to occupation career and the special production of Black series of Mamba Kobe 7 FTB. 81 point to the paranoia that many basketball fans can shuttle time may as the acme of perfection, Kobe Bryant's basketball career has entered the sunset, but the strong gas field is enough to destroy any opponent's confidence, but also to create special Nike Zoom Kobe series is one of the more you love basketball equipment up to the National People's Congress, and the seventh generation of Kobe the NBA debut set off a frenzied pursuit. Use the lightweight design for the low added in the boot configuration, so as to better protect the safety of the ankle movement, combined with the upper fiber material and Flywire technology to achieve a durable effect, but the bottom than before and has been greatly improved, the massive injection of carbon fiber materials so that the whole arch can maximize the ability to bounce in the fierce game. item: 869460-442 release date: April 6thPrice: nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack-2.jpg (287.75 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 7 FTB Black Mamba 2016-3-24 09:35 upload nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack-3.jpg (492.76 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 7 FTB Black Mamba 2016-3-24 09:35 upload nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack-4.jpg (194.69 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 7 FTB Black Mamba 2016-3-24 09:35 upload nike-kobe-7-ftb-fade-to-black-mamba-pack.jpg (252.74 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 70 under the pressure of RMB appreciation, nearly 2000 shoe-making enterprises in the Pearl River Delta have abandoned their export trade in order to protect themselves. Some shoes enterprises bluntly, "if the U.S. dollar against the central price of RMB rose to 6.2 to 6.5 yuan, will consider changing or moving out.". the Shanghai Securities News reported that the continuous appreciation of the renminbi, the traditional export industry, the footwear industry has become the heart of the worries and worries. RMB appreciation this year, the first quarter of the cumulative appreciation of more than 4% yuan; 12 this month, the U.S. dollar against the central parity of RMB has risen by 6.91, a record high since the exchange rate reform. RMB appreciation of the situation and the expected appreciation Shirupozhu the continuation of shoes industry as the representative of the traditional labor-intensive production and export industries have the most severe impact. Guangdong foreign economic and Trade Bureau officials believe that the situation of foreign trade is very optimistic, "this year is the most difficult year in history.". Guangzhou customs statistics, from 1 to February this year, the Pearl River Delta region to participate in export shoes enterprises have 1512, down 1855. Among them, the private sector decreased by 1484 compared with the same period last year, 92 foreign-invested enterprises and 23 state-owned enterprises. Asia Footwear Association survey shows last year to Dongguan, Guangdong, Huizhou and other places have more than 1000 shoe factories and related enterprises, some active business failures, or seized by the court, even moved to other areas. the Fujian import and Export Corporation said that there were 5% of the gross profit. Today, the appreciation of the renminbi, the current export earnings may not be able to maintain 2% to 3%, and sometimes even lose money. it is understood that, as a sports shoes production base in Jinjiang, there have been 20% to 30% of small shoe factories closed down. The exchange rate uncertainty, so many export shoes enterprises or foreign trade enterprises is difficult to determine the price of exports, resulting in some shoe has not received a single or do not want to take, even after receiving a single active breach of contract. footwear practitioners said, many Dongguan Hong Kong shoes enterprises have moved to Chengdu or Jiangxi, trading companies transfer to vietnam. But Guangdong's foreign business development companies shoe department Liang Shaosheng believes that the mainland lack of information, while the labor cost is low, but other costs may increase, such as logistics cost, drive to Vietnam, is also facing the problem of supporting. the last century, 60s, the world footwear center in Italy, in 70s transferred to Japan and South Korea, transferred to Taiwan in 80s, transferred to Canton in 90s