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[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation]: The Chinese gymnast Li Ning, who became a hero in 1984 when he won six medals at the Los Angeles Olympics. That the Olympic Games is the new China after a lapse of 32 years to participate in the inaugural Summer Olympics. By 1990, Li Ning founded his own sportswear company Li Ning enterprises (Li-Ning). Li Ning, the company described as a blockbuster, 1999, the company's revenue reached 700 million yuan in China, Nike (Nike) and Adidas (Adidas) more than twice - the two companies in China, income was 300 million yuan and 1 one hundred million yuan. Challenge Chinese middle class consumer spending growing, and they favor foreign brands, plus basketball and football soaring in popularity in China (Nike flagship basketball-related products, while adidas flagship football-related products), which Nike and Adidas sales in China exceeded the Li Ning Company. policy Initially, the Li Ning Company with foreign competitors coincidence degree target market is very low. Li Ning, the company is selling mass-market casual wear, Nike and Adidas are selling professional standards of sports apparel; Li Ning Company is China's second and third-tier cities, the market leader, Nike and Adidas are Beijing and Shanghai market leader. However, in 2001 (that year China won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games), the Chinese people's interest in sports has reached a new height. Li Ning, the company tried to emulate foreign competitors marketing strategy. ?? brand ambassador: overseas company hired a star athlete as Cheap foamposites for sale a brand ambassador, such as Nike and American basketball player Michael ? Jordan (Michael Jordan) signed a contract with Adidas ? Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) signed. Nike also achieved worldwide success with three Chinese sports stars contract, they are hurdler Liu Xiang, tennis champion Li Na and American Basketball Association (NBA) star Yao Ming. Since Li Ning Li Ning is the company's most important brand ambassadors, consumers will start only with gymnastics Li Ning brand products linked. ?? Sponsor: Nike basketball activities in the field of major sponsors, Adidas main soccer field. Li Ning, the company sponsored the Chinese traditional sports strengths, such as diving and gymnastics, but these movements are not attractive to youth soccer and basketball so much. 2004 conducted an initial public offering (IPO), the Li Ning Company purchased the right to use the logo and NBA players in China marketing and advertising. But it is only brought to afford less well-known teams and activities. Li Ning lit marking the opening of the Beijing 2008 Olympic torch, but Adidas has won the sponsorship rights that session of the Olympic Games, which makes the company the right to provide clothing for the Chinese team. ?? logo and slogan: Li Ning's "L" brand logo and Nike's "Whirlwind" (Swoosh) logo strikingly similar, and it's "Anything is possible" (Anything is Possible) advertisement also with Nike The "Just do it" (Just Do It) not much difference. 2010, in order to attract "90" generation, Li Ning, the company launched a new effort. But the new slogan jordan shoes online sale "to change it" (Make the Change) did not stimulate the enthusiasm of the target audience, but also alienated now on the age of the original customer base. ?? Pricing: Li Ning price increases in 2010, but the high-end customers find quality Nike and Adidas still better, while the low-end customers to choose the other lower-priced domestic brands. Results At the end of 2005, Li Ning Company has 3,373 stores, after three years of development to 6245 stores, including new stores opened in the host city of the Olympic project. Although Li Ning Company revenue in 2008 rose 54%, thus exceeding the Adidas, but the latter again by 2010 ahead of Li Ning Company. Slowing inflation and economic growth began to affect consumer confidence. In 2011, the overall growth of sports apparel sales in 2010 from 20% to 13%. Nike, Adidas and Li Ning, the company's sales revenue in 2011 was 2 billion, 1.7 billion and $ 1.4 billion. The first half of 2012, sales growth of Nike and Adidas, Li Ning sales decline. lessons Li Ning, the company failed to adapt to market development, its location so that consumers confused. The company's logo and slogan and too similar to its competitors, which makes consumers think it is an imitator. brand companies must understand their audience, and constant innovation to meet changing consumer tastes. A brand in order to raise prices, must be a corresponding increase in their quality. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT) Air Jordan 1 "Shane McMahon" customi Retro jordans for sale zed version of Mache pictures WWE as the first North American Wrestling Entertainment in recent years to accelerate the pace of globalization, some time ago also completed the Chinese area as in the WWE draft, the famous "villain", WWE President Vince. Mckerman's son Shane. 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There is no exact date for sale at the moment, and we will continue to pay attention to it. release date: 2016 Summer again for everyone to bring Nike EYBL classic shoes on feet; earlier said, and said is the talent star studded event, rather than Nike's under the shoes exhibition, "Air Jordan series has needless to say, and LeBron 11" what the "Kobe 10" All Star "shoes, designed for the event to create fewer not KD 7 elite" EYBL. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: sneakernews in Guangdong shoe industry continue to suffer the RMB appreciation, rising labor costs, the export tax rebate reduction factors of internal and external attack on the occasion, yesterday afternoon, Sichuan province in Guangzhou held a large-scale and high standard to undertake industrial transfer of Guangdong shoe fair, attracted nearly 200 Guangdong shoes enterprises to participate in. To the implementation of the strategic decision to undertake industrial transfer held after the first major activities in the Sichuan Province, vice governor of Sichuan Province, Chengdu, Leshan, Huang Xiaoxiang led Suining and Nanchong five city state leaders and 11 were identified as the main industry to undertake the transfer of the footwear industry park management district, cheap foamposites for sale issued a friendly call to shoe-making enterprises in Guangdong. In this regard, the industry commented, "Sichuan has begun to undertake Guangdong shoe industry transfer curtain."". transfer costs are most concerned about; Guangdong shoe industry to Sichuan and other inland transfer, whether there is "count"? This is the most concerned about the shoe enterprises in Guangdong. "Huang Huang, two questions: to undertake the transfer of Guangdong shoe industry, what are the advantages of Sichuan?" How does Sichuan build shoemaking industry chain, what to consider in shoemaking industry to be faced with in the future?" Liu Suilong, President of Guangdong shoe materials industry association, first threw two questions to vice governor of Sichuan province Huang Xiaoxiang. Huang Xiaoxiang tells the truth: it is now settled in Sichuan's coastal footwear enterprises reflect, in labor costs, about 20% lower than the Sichuan coastal area; the shoe enterprises in the production of low-end products, raw materials and supporting basic can be resolved at the local shoe enterprises; but for the production of high-end products speaking, due to raw materials and matching radius is too large, will make the production cost rise. However, Huang Xiaoxiang believes that, compared to many Guangdong shoe enterprises recruitment difficult situation, Sichuan has obvious advantages in this regard. At present, more than 20 million migrant workers in Sichuan, including a considerable part of the footwear industry, Guangdong shoe-making enterprises, 60% of the management of Sichuan nationality, and 30% of workers are from Sichuan. Huang Xiaoxiang also introduced the Sichuan footwear industry chain to create a way to the park, base, industrial clusters in the coastal shoes transfer make Sichuan footwear industry "one base and three centers, namely the production base, R & D center, logistics center and trading center. however, there are still concerns about the increase of logistics costs caused by industrial transfer. One in Guangdong Taiwan funded enterprises 16 thousand workers put forward: once to visit the mainland, have also been found in high-end estimates, shoe-making enterprises and the "two out" enterprises, due to the high cost of logistics in mainland, saved 20%)Source: Author: Click: second, according to Spain's "development newspaper" 23 reported that in 2007, Spain's footwear industry export performance is good, exports and exports have increased significantly. The Spanish Footwear Industry Federation President Rafael Calvo said 22, Spain shoe last year export volume and export volume increased by 7.55% and 10.14% respectively. A good start of the footwear industry in 2008, Eastern Europe suffered subprime crisis in emerging markets smaller holding according to the Spanish "expand the newspaper" 23 reported that in 2007 the Spanish footwear industry good export performance, export volume and export volume has increased significantly. the Spanish Footwear Industry Federation President Rafael Calvo said 22, Spain shoe last year export volume and export volume increased by 7.55% and 10.14% respectively. In 2008, the footwear industry made a good start and maintained steady export growth for emerging markets, such as Eastern Europe, which had little impact on the subprime crisis, but the development of the whole year was still difficult to predict. Calvo said, 2007 export growth, the main reason is that the Spanish footwear industry focus on design, fashion, innovation and quality, to producing high-end products, to meet the needs of consumers in the upper foreign market. Spain customs data show that the country exported 101 million 600 thousand pairs of shoes in 2007; exports amounted to 1 billion 893 million euros; imported shoes 352 million 800 thousand pairs; imports amounted to 1 billion 752 million euros. (Editor: admin). the reason you completely regardless of the real value of something, even if it is not worth a bean. Are you willing to do paid a high price to buy, it is because you and there is a greater fool, flowers with a high price from you to buy it. This law can be used in all of a player's contract extension, since we have to admit that most of the time the NBA is actually a business, then the player can as a commodity, but the goods reflected the value in a more complicated way -- may rely on them to earn a ticket real, is to rely on them to win the championship. from O'Neal in the Lakers can see magic is a fool, in addition to their popularity did not earn, the Lakers made a lot of, but gets rid of a little stupid, also resulted in the three years after the slump, the heat calculation is also good, took the title also timely to lose the fat man. and Isaiah & middot; Thomas in the New York years also let him grow up as the league's best fool, one bad contracts, let the Knicks until they put these bad contracts after digestion to slow over the breath, the nameless such as Jerome & middot. James can also take the annual salary of nearly 700W, not to mention Alan & middot; Houston that nearly 2000W big contract. in fact before the 2007 Celtic groups big three, Danny & middot; Angie's day does not feel better, team record pay rotten, seeing the rivalry with the Lakers in at the beginning of the century the wave for a third time in a row close on the heels of the green army winning record and helpless, team group of 80 small fart child, pierce, at that time not only control weight, and the mouth has been noisy leave, media he is adamant, said he is the black sheep of the Celtics, cardinal is to let him to grieve. but all these are in the summer of 2007, evaporated almost take half the team in exchange for Kevin Garnett, and draft Jeff & middot; green in exchange for the thunder & middot; Allen, re signing Cassel, PJ· brown and dries the veteran champion success will come when conditions are ripe. attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! 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